The Problem And Secret To Healthy Cooking

As an accomplished dad who cooks, and cooks well if I do say so myself, one of the most common things I'm asked is about how to cook healthily. It's like there's some big secret that I hold the key to, when the truth is much simpler.

Let's examine the problems first. In days past, before the microwave and TVs were invented, families would sit down to a meal, eating at a table, and the food was good and wholesome. When the TV came, and the microwave invented the idea of TV dinners - that all went out the window. The fact that women were now working late on their own careers left the hopeless males and children to fend for themselves, and the microwave meal was the obvious choice. Of course, I'd be a fool to suggest that women in the workplace was the primary cause of the health problems we see today, but it can't be denied that it has contributed greatly to the obesity facing nations around the world.

Sadly, while mothers played less of a role in the home affairs, schools failed to adjust their teaching and education policies to ensure that the next generation - male or female - would be able to cook for themselves. The schools have been terrible role models themselves, serving students slop and pig swill as school lunches - and children are left to think this is the norm. Well it isn't, and society today is in a terrible state because enough emphasis hasn't been placed on simple healthy cooking techniques and general knowledge. It's such an easy thing to change though, and it starts at home.

If you're leaving out microwave meals for your young children, I'd go so far as to say that's damn near child abuse. But what can we do about? What is the secret to healthy eating?
It's simple. Buy fresh ingredients, and COOK something. It doesn't have to be complicated in the slightest - anyone can learn a quick fry up in minutes. Just chop up some vegetables and little chicken fillet, and fry them up with a little soy sauce. Since schools don't teach basic skills nowadays, you're probably going to have to learn how to use a knife safely too, but that's okay - it's a life skill, and it's worth teaching. A quick Google or YouTube search for basic knife skills will reveal a wealth of great videos.

The next step is clear out all that unhealthy cardboard food from the freezer - it's not doing you any favours - and buy fresh ingredients once or twice a week. It really isn't too much bother, and if you shop wisely it needn't be expensive either. Here's a big money saving tip - you don't need to buy organic food to make a healthy meal. In fact, most organic and luxury brands are simply the same products packaged up differently to fool the consumer.

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